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My Special Day

Last Friday was a special day for Room's 3 and 4. We celebrated our Being Great For God Mass. It was such a special day. My favourite part was when people brought up the bread and the wine because they were fantastic. I loved the way they walked to Father so slowly. After the Mass we could say bye to our Mums and Dads.When we went outside Father said, "Let's Hi Five." I Hi Fived to Father. I said, "Bye," to my Mum.

A Special Day

Last Friday was a special day for Room's 3 and 4. Do you know why? Because it was a Being Great for God Mass. I saw my mum and my mum saw me. We were singing. My mum waved to me. I was happy and proud. When the Mass was finished we bowed and we went.

My favourite part was when we were singing and being blessed. Why? Because this made me feel holy.

Being Great For God Mass

On Friday we went to the church. We looked at the people, mums and dads. There were heaps of parents. Father came up when Sonya was speaking. After we had the bread and wine we sang in the church.

My favourite part was when the bread and wine children walked up the aisle slowly because it made me peaceful.

The Weekend

It was the weekend. I went everywhere. I went to the movies. Then I went to my uncle's home. After that I went to the pools. Last of all we went home. I loved the day.

Loving Heart Of Jesus - A Prayer

Loving Heart Of Jesus,

I thank you for your forgiveness when I do something nasty, bad or wrong to others. I also thank you for the beautiful world of New Zealand for us to live in. The creating you did was very helpful for you to do.

Thank you for making me grow up to be loving and kind like you.


A Different Day

Last Thursday was a different day because we wore mufti. After lining up we went to the hall to practise for our Jump For Heart. When we had finished our Jump For Heart we saw Miss G waiting for us.Mrs Pole said put the money on the Jump For Heart writing.After this we had to go back to the classroom. Suddenly I heard the bell ring and I was getting ready to do the Jump For Heart.When we got onto the courts Miss G told the juniors to stand up and we did KISS, KISS.My favourite part was when we got $200 because the money will be used for the babies hearts.

Catholic Schools Day

On a rainy Friday we weren’t sure if we were going to have the Catholic Schools Day. Suddenly we heard Mrs. Pole say we were going to have the Catholic Schools Day but we weren’t going to have the concert. Still we weren’t sure what we would do with all that practice. The only item was the St Pius choir. After morning tea we all had to line up in the hall. Room 4 was one of the first classes to go so we had to wait a while before the other classes arrived. When all the classes were there Mrs. Williams talked to us. Soon we went on the bus. We had to be careful when we walked to the church. But luckily there was a shelter just beside the church. When we had raced to the church we had to all line up in our classes. Soon all the schools were in the church and we started the lovely mass. In the mass there was singing, reading and Gospels. After the mass the St Pius choir item sang I pa la de se. Suddenly we heard St Patrick’s stand and start going out of the church. Also Eden and I saw so…