We are learning to read and write procedural texts. On Friday morning Room 4 made a jelly so we could carry out a procedure.

This is how you can make one too.



  • measuring cup
  • plastic cups
  • kettle
  • jug
  • spoon


  • Jelly crystals
  • 100's and 1000's
  • Mallow Bakes
  • water

1. Empty jelly crystals into jug.

2. Pour four cups of hot water into jug.

3. Stir jelly crystals until dissolved.

4. Leave to cool.

5. Pour jelly into plastic cups.

6. Sprinkle mallow bakes onto jelly.

7. Carry jelly to fridge.

8. Leave jelly in fridge until set.

9. Sprinkle 100s and 1000s onto jelly.

Eat and enjoy your jelly.


  1. How cool Ana. I better get some jelly crystals so you can make us some of that yummy looking jelly at home.
    I think you have described and detailed your information very well - although I might not have known there was any more text to come had you not been instructing me over my shoulder. Hopefully next time, the spacing issues will be sorted.
    Well done. I am very proud of you.
    Love Mum

  2. That looked really yummy Ana, pity there wasn't enough to share with the teachers! hehe
    I like to see that you are using verbs at the beginning of each of your instructions and you are keeping your instructions simple and clear to understand.
    When you are posting on the blog make sure you don't push enter to much otherwise you end up with the large spacing that you have. That makes it difficult for your audience to read your work.
    Keep up your great writing and I look forward to reading your next post.
    Miss G :-)


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