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The Athletic Sports Day

The Athletics Sports Day
Last Friday the whole school had athletics. We started with mass first and when we’d finished we went with our class to sit on the mat. Mrs Pole told the girls to go and changed into their sports clothes and we did. Then the boys needed to change and they did. Next we needed to get our drink bottles and go to our teams. I was in Kiwis and Angelica was our leader so we lined up in line’s Like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. The seniors sat at the back and the 5 year olds sat at the front.
First to run were the 5 year olds. They went to Mr Gaffney who set their race. He clapped his blocks and they ran. Soon after it was the 7 year old girls turn to run. I ran in that race and I came 5th in the heat. I was sad because I could not run the final. Next were the 8 year olds who needed to run and then 9 year olds. After them were the 10 year olds.
As the day went on everyone had a run. At the end I was very tired from all the fun I had and my legs were very sore.


Our First Confession

Last night Wednesday night I made my first reconciliation and confession. I was excited. When I’d finished doing my hair my sister and I raced to the car. Meanwhile when we got there my dad and sister and I went inside and got a seat, when we were ready we started.

Father and some other Priests came in and sat down. After Father had said some things we had our CONFESSION. I was SCARED and NERVOUS. When it was my turn I tried to be confident and calm. When I’d finished I was happy. Later when it was all finished there was cake, I didn’t have any because we were going to McDonald’s! Later on after we’d eaten our dinner I went to bed and thanked Jesus for helping me feel confident and calm. I was very happy indeed because I had made my FIRST Confession and Reconciliation.

Our Fun Athletics Day

Our Fun Athletic Day

Last Friday I was so excited about
Athletics Day. After morning tea we went to the corridor and changed into our sports clothes. Meanwhile Mrs Pole told me to play Hangman with Room 4 because we were waiting. Next we lined up and went outside to our houses. Then we went to the field and sat on the blue plastic mats. Next Mrs Pole said to the classes, 5 year old girls please come up and the the five year old girls stood up and followed Mrs Pole to the lanes. After that they started to run and Frank’s little sister almost came first but she ended up 3rd in the race. Meanwhile it was the 6 year olds boy and girls race. So the girls went first. Next Mr. Gaffney banged the blocks and Claudia came first. After that it was the 7year old girl’s race. On the heat I came 1st. And in the final I came 2nd because Annalise beat me. Next it was the 8 year old girls race. On the heat Folouhola came 1st in the race then in the final Kirsten came 1st in the race. Meanwhile it was …

Going Running

Going To Running
On Friday morning I came to school with my athletics clothes in my bag. Then the bell went. Then Mrs Pole said to us to get our clothes to go on the field to go into our houses.
Later on Rooms one and two were first to run. After they ran it was Room three and four’s time to run. After Mr Gaffney clapped his blocks together and I had to run. I was running with the 7 year old boys. I came first with Albert and Manu and Richie came last.
Later on Albert and I had to go to Mrs Williams to get a stick to go in the final run. It was my time to run with the 7 year old boys again. Then Mr Gaffney and Mrs Mat said to us to line up to run again on the field with J.T and Albert and Manu and Richie. After that Mr Gaffney clapped his blocks again.
Next I ran and I came last and Ms Mafu said to me to go back to my house that I was in. Next it was the 9 year old boys. After they’d run it was the 9 year old girls. After that it was the 1…



I came second because J.T. came first and Albert came third. I was running fast in the race but J. T. ran faster than me. J.T. just beat me and I beat Albert.

By Asipeli


When I Had A Sore Leg

When I had a sore leg at home I got ready to go to the doctor and we got there the nurse called out my name. The nurse said to me that it was alright. After that we went to the shops to eat food. After that we went to my aunty’s home and I slept there . I woke up. My mum was gone . My aunty told me that my mum had gone to the shops to get food to eat and then she was going to come back with food . I was playing In the park and waited for my mum. I saw the van and I went into the house and ate food.
By Vaine


Our Sports Day

Last Friday I was very excited because we were having our sports day.
First of all we got changed in our sports clothes. When we got on the mat Mrs Pole gave us our house and age. I said my name is Patrick and I am 6 years old .
When the bell rang for morning tea I practised running with Kirsten in the lane.
We were waiting and waiting for the bell to ring. FINALLY the bell rang LOUDLY for sure. I looked after the people from Room 1 and 2. Meanwhile we got there we sat on the nice blue mats.
Later Mrs Williams said please bring the 5 years olds up. When it was the 5 years old girls we CHEERED for Annalisa. She come 4th. Finally the 5 years old boys race was on. When Mr Gaffney SLAMMED the blocks they all ran. We were going for JOSEPH from the GECKOS.
After this Mrs Pole said may you bring all the 6 years olds. I was one of them. When Mr Gaffney SLAMMED the blocks I was racing fast and I couldn’t believe I came 1st. Fanoalie came 2nd. I got a red stick for 1st place.…

A Fun Day at Netball

On Tuesday Room 4 was lining up. So Room 4 went to the court. So Julie and Emma went to the court. They said hello to Room 4. Emma and Julie came to Room 4. They picked three people to get the bib's. There were yellow bibs and blue bibs. I was in the yellow team. I was catching the ball and I caught it. Room 4 was in front of me so I threw the ball. Julie said I had it then she said, 'get me some space.' I went to Emma to play a game with the ball. Emma said she wanted 4 people. I threw it to Room 4 and they passed it back. After we finished Room 4 lined up to go home. When I was going home I sat in the front off the car and my cousin Sam was at the back. Once we got home I was very tired and went straight to bed.