Our First Day of Milk

Today, 8th November, Rom 4 had our first Fonterra milk for school. The monitors gave the milk to the people who were reading quietly. The milk tastes like normal milk.
When I finished my milk and the bottle was dry I took the straw out and I flattened it. Then I folded the long side. When the long side was folded I tucked the folded part into the bottom of the carton.
I felt excited when I started to drink the milk because it was yum.
After when you have finished you put the folded carton into the recycling bin.

By Olidah


  1. Hi Olidah, Nice to see you drinking your milk. The milk did taste yum. I hope you enjoy your healthy milks. Maybe next time tell us about your feelings drinking the milk. From your Soul friend Tokilupe.


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