Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Room 4 Mini Olympic Report

Room 4 has been learning about the Rio Olympic.  We followed the reporters from different sports.
Tupua and Francis are great news reporters and they reported what happened at our SPX Olympic.


  1. hi,
    i loved your story about the sports player and i liked that when you were talking about Valerie Adams because that is my brothers favorite player,My brothers name was Micah that is how he learned how to do shotput.

  2. Hi Room 4! I enjoyed watching this film. It shows that you guys watched the 2016 Olympics. Maybe next time, you guys could try and learn your parts. I am looking forward to next year's film! Keep it up!

  3. Your are right Room 4 anyone can be an Olympic Star if you believe in yourself.

    From Sr Evalesi, Mrs Foden and the children in Room 2 at St Patrick's School.

  4. Kia ora St Pius
    I really loved your Olympic your a star Maybe next day I am still watching your movie

  5. Kia Ora Room 4. Such wonderful acting from the medalists. I really liked you movie about the Olympics. How long did it take to learn you parts off by heart?. Keep it Up ! :)

  6. Hello Room 4.
    Well done for making an awsome movie. I really loved watching your video that is all about Olympics which is fantastic.
    I really love the medallists.

    Keep up the good work Room 4.

  7. Talofa, Room 4
    I really like watching your moive, I how Jireh explained how she wanted to be just like Valerie Adams. Next time,Remember you words. Besides that, Keep job , Keep up the great learning. Hope to see more progress in your learning

  8. Hi Room 4, I really like the way how you put alot of effort into your movie.Thank you for displaying such a good movie.


  9. Hi Room 4
    I like how you got a gold medal wow I like how boys do 100 sprints

  10. hi i'm Esther and i really liked your video.I liked how you guys did the talking.
    Esther from hes

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